What Does Your Brick Allowance Include?

Since we’re on the topic of construction allowances… Let’s talk about bricks. Our brick allowance is $300 per 1,000 bricks. But exactly what does that include? Well, as with most things… It depends.

Different builders are likely to handle these sorts of things differently, so be sure to ask. In our case, the brick allowance is similar to our tile allowance, in that is applies to the bricks only. Installation is covered by the builder.

Here again, it’s important to know exactly what “installation” entails. For us, it includes laying the brick in a standard pattern with standard grey or buff mortar. It also includes things like soldier rows over the windows or garage door, or an accent band around the house.

If we want to do something fancier (e.g., jack arches, keystones, etc.) that isn’t already spelled out in the contract, it will cost extra. Not a big deal, you just need to know what you’re getting before you sign the contract.

Note: We do have some of these things specified in the contract, and you should, too. The more you can specify in the contract, the better.

So… What does $300 per 1,000 bricks actually buy? If they’re using an allowance, there must be some variation in cost, right? I asked.

According to the builder, who has proven to be a trustworthy guy, we’re talking about queen sized brick, and he’s only had two cases in recent memory where people have exceeded their allowance. In both cases, they opted for a more costly engineered brick vs. standard facing brick.

So… There you have it. As with everything, you need to check the details and make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting before you sign off on anything. In some cases, your allowance might apply just to materials. In other cases, it might also have to cover the installation costs.

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