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As I noted in my previous post, we’ve picked out our floor plan and are in the process of thinking through possible customizations. While we do that, I wanted to share a quick money-saving tip for those who are thinking of buying house plans from Frank Betz Associates.

If you’ve ever been to, you’re likely aware that you can search their plans online and place an order via their web interface. As I was doing this, I spied a “Discount Code” field on the payment page. If you’re anything like me, such fields prompt you to search for a code.

You might as well, right? Who doesn’t love a discount? Sure, in some cases, the discount codes are so highly targeted that you can’t find anything useful online. But in others cases, a few minutes spent searching can result in a valid coupon or promo code and substantial savings.

I was admittedly skeptical about being able to find a discount code for an architectural firm, but I looked nonetheless. And boy, I’m glad that I did. It took a little more digging than usual, but I was able to find a 10% discount code for the purchase of house plans via the website.

Surprised? Yeah, me too.

To get the discount, just enter the code “HOUZZ” when prompted during checkout. Note that this only takes 10% off the base plan price, and doesn’t apply to modifications (including reversals), shipping fees, etc. Regardless, I was pleased to get any sort of discount on our purchase.

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