Progress Report: Construction is 17% Complete

Just a quick update that our house is now 17% complete. Yes, that’s an oddly specific number. It comes from the bank’s draw schedule, which specifies the percentage that each stage of the build process accounts for.

In our case, the 17% corresponds to:

  • Water meter has been installed (1%)
  • Building site has been cleared (2%)
  • Footings have been poured (1%)
  • Foundation is complete (6%)
  • Floor framing/slab is complete (7%)

The next big items will be the wall framing/sheathing (9%) and the roof framing/sheathing (also 9%). From there, it will be a matter of wrapping up the exterior (roofing, windows/doors, brick, stone, and siding) and then moving inside to rough in the plumbing, electric, and HVAC.

Once inside, the days of rapid progress will mostly be behind use. There will still be tons of work to do, but the visible, day-to-day changes will be slow.

The cost of this progress? $95,284.32 with more to come…

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