Progress Report: Construction is 39% Complete

As of this writing, our house is 39% complete. Once again, that’s an oddly specific number. It corresponds to an additional 22% progress based on the bank’s draw schedule, over and above the 17% from the initial draw.

This time around, we had a couple of fairly major items completed. These included the wall framing and sheathing (9%) as well as the roof framing and sheathing (9%). The exterior doors/windows were also installed (4%).

From here, they’ll be doing the cornice and facia (2%), finishing the roof (2%), and tackling the exterior veneer (siding & brick; 7%). They’ve also started work on the interior, with the plumbing rough-in (4%) well underway, and the pre-fab fireplace inserts being installed. Good progress.

The cost of this latest installment? $123,309.12 with more to come…

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