Progress Report: Construction is 67% Complete

Woohoo! With the latest draw request, our new house is 2/3rds done. This reflects an additional 13% completion based on our bank’s draw schedule, in addition to the previous 17%, 22%, and 15% draw requests.

As expected, the latest progress has come (mostly) on the inside, including:

  • Sheetrock — 5%
  • Interior trim, doors, paneling — 5%
  • Fireplace — 1%
  • Stoops & Decks — 2%

With the completion of the interior walls and installation of the trim, it’s really starting to look like a house! As for the “stoops and decks,” we’re actually talking about a front porch and two back patios. Given the layout of our lot, we walk out the back more or less at grade with the basement walkout around the side.

The total amount of this draw was $72,864.48 plus $510 for electrical overages and $180 for some extra trim work. Those add-ons bring the total to $73,554.48 — with more to come…

The electrical overages included some extra outlets relative to code requirements, as well as wiring and switches for some additional light fixtures beyond the builder’s standard. And the extra trim work was to trim out two posts in our basement. The standard finish there would’ve been to just box it in with drywall and it wound up looking far too plain.

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